Catching Up… and Stockholm… and the Culinary LLC Retreat

February 7, 2020

Wow! It has been a really long time since I last posted a blog. These last few weeks have been an incredibly fun and exciting whirlwind. That’s not even counting the short study tour we just got back from (I’m sure I’ll write about that soon, just not possible in this post).

Two weekends ago, I traveled on train to Stockholm with a group of my friends. It was amazing to see another part of Scandinavia and a city that in many ways is similar to Copenhagen.

Like Copenhagen, Stockholm is built on a series of islands. This makes the views from the water incredibly beautiful. Walking around this city is truly a transformative experience because every part of the city is on a different island. Bridges connect everywhere.

One thing I noticed about Stockholm is how much more spread out it is than Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, almost everything is within walking distance, but this is simply not the case in Stockholm. Luckily, they had Uber, otherwise getting around would have been tough.

Some highlights of the trip included our visits to old town Stockholm aka Gamle Stan(which included two of the best cafes I’ve ever been to), the vasa museum (the boat and its history is actually worth the hype), and the Royal Palace.

               The biggest shock for me was coming back to Copenhagen after our visit and feeling so comfortable. I know it’s only been a couple weeks, but Copenhagen already feels like home.

               The next weekend our Culinary LLC went on our weekend retreat. We took a trip to a professional kitchen in the meatpacking district. We have been cooking weekly meals at our apartment with our professional chef, Maj, but this Saturday retreat was different was way different than this.

               We got assigned into groups of 3-4 with each of us responsible for a dish. Before the meal, we learnt about the logistics of restaurant food distribution in Copenhagen. It was interesting to see the diversity of skill in the kitchen and also interact with the people in my LLC. I was quite intimidated walking into a professional kitchen (especially as somebody who did the Culinary LLC primarily because I wanted to learn how to cook). The environment; however, was incredibly friendly and I felt super comfortable.

               The meal we made was incredible. 16 different dishes and each of them tasted incredible. I was responsible for a parsnip puree and baked parsnips as part of a salad we were making (so basically I spent my time in the kitchen peeling and chopping up parsnips). I was amazed at how good a meal we all made as a group. Honestly, maybe my best in Copenhagen and that’s saying a lot.

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