A Word on Academics

Beautiful View in Kolding

February 19, 2020

While looking through my first couple blogs, I noticed a theme. Perhaps it went unnoticed to the untrained viewer, but I have yet to even mention academics! We do take classes as DIS students so I thought I would take this opportunity to talk a bit about my classes here.

I take 5 classes here at DIS and each of them is unique in its own way and they are all classes with elements that are different than any classes I  have taken back at college. 

My first class of the week is “Psychology of Peak Performance”. This class is very discussion based as we discuss how psychological phenomena can impact how we perform in numerous different fields. 

My next class of the week is “Danish Language and Culture”. This is probably the most popular class among DIS students! Here I have learned a ton about the people and places that surround me. I’ve also learned that Danish is a hard language for English speakers to pick up which really makes me respect that most Danish people are bilingual. A large number of people are even trilingual with the third language being German.

After that class, I head to “Neuroplasticity”. As a neuro major, I knew I would find this class interesting. Learning about the neural processes that occur during brain changes has been incredibly interesting.

The next class I take is fairly unique. The class is called “What’s so Funny?” and it focuses on the processes behind comedy and satire. This is perhaps the most unique course I take at DIS. 

Finally, I have my core course: “Human Health and Disease”. This class is super hands on and interactive as we learn the basics of health care. This is also the class where I took my short study tour to Kolding and Sønderbor. Here we toured a gynecology department, an emergency department, and a general practitioner. It was incredible to see how the Danish healthcare systems treats these specialties and certainly a unique experience as an undergraduate student interested in medicine.

At DIS, all our classes have some interactive element. On Wednesdays, we have field studies where we explore some aspects of our classes. For example, last Wednesday, for my Danish class, we went on a scavenger hunt in the city to learn more about Copenhagen and followed that by practicing our language skills at the famous glass market.

The academic opportunities available at DIS are very different than those available to me back at home. It was a large reason why I chose DIS.

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